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Trade Shows

Trades shows are a great source for direct marketing and sales. Trade shows help place you in a room full of your targeted customers that are actively searching out your products or services and are looking to buy. By taking advantage of trade shows you’re presented with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate, sample and sell your products and/or services. The first step to executing a successful trade show booth is the trade show display itself. Your trade show display allows you to attract potential customers to your booth by appealing to the eye as well as their interests. The average trade show booth size is ten feet by ten feet, however this can vary depending on the size and scope of the show you’ve selected to exhibit at, so be sure to check your contract for dimensions. Once you know the booth size you’ve been allotted, you’re ready to consider your design. You only have about 5 seconds to grab the attention of your potential customers with your trade show display, so being creative and innovative is a must. Your graphics on your trade show display should be large, colorful and in high resolution. Your graphics will need to convey who your company is, what your company does and how you differ from competitors. Remember though, to keep your company name and/or logo the main focal point. The more simplified the better, but it is important to get each of these messages across within a few short seconds. All text in your trade show display should be at waste level or above to be sure prospects can easily read it. Your trade show display text should also be large and succinct. Say what you have to as concisely as possible, otherwise odds are your prospects won’t continue reading if it’s longer than a few short sentences (and even that’s too long). Lighting your trade show display is also important. Some exhibitors don’t even bother, by taking the extra step your trade show display will already stand out even more. The front of your trade show booth should be open so that customers can easily enter and navigate through. By displaying your promotional products inside your booth, people will have to enter to receive their giveaway, further encouraging them to learn more about your business.
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