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Demand Attention

with an eye catching display in front of your store! Customers pass by our storefronts everyday and often times they become numb to the things they see everyday. Remind them who you are and what you do with vivid color and bold displays. A-Boards, Banners, Flags, Yard Sign and SignWalkers are affordable and effective ways of getting new faces through the door! **80% of Americans report that they have walked an average of 6 miles in a central business area durring the last 7 days. Did they see your business?

Sidewalk Marketing

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A must have for every small business in the Pacific Northwest. A-Boards also known as Sandwich Boards and A-Frame Signs, bring attention to your small business from customers right outside your door. A Boards are perfect for advertising Daily Specials, Menu changes and special events. Vinyl Attraction offers a variety of A-Board sign styles to choose from. Your new A-Board can have a chalkboard finish or dry erase. Need to change your business’ message often? How about adding 4 lines of changable text to your A-Board! Let us help you choose the sign that is right for you. All of the A-Boards are made with high quality sign sign board that is treated and primed. The boards have heavy duty hinges, trimmed and sealed edges, a carry strap and rubber feet to guarantee long life in the NW weather.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are another great option for short term signage and promotions. They come in a standard size of 18” x 24”, verticle or horizontal. They are also available in custom shapes like, golf balls, footballs, baseballs and even cars and houses. All of Vinyl Attraction’s Yard Signs are made out of 3- 4mm corregated plastic sign board and come with the ground stake. Yard Signs are waterproof and best suited for short term use.


Bright, vibrant, colorful flags provide eye-catching motion indoors and out. In a variety of different shapes and sizes our flags are made of high quality 4 oz. flag material and are available as either single or double sided displays. As an indoor display our flags come with cross leg stand and a “doughnut” weight bag for stability. Our outdoor flags utilize a ground stake for lawn or garden mounting or a tire stand that uses a vehicle as support.

Sign Walkers

Sign Walker refers to the signs that are held by people, typically at an intersection, drawing attention to a nearby business. They may be hand held signs, mounted on a pole or worn by the person as a display. SignWalkers are generally as effective as the person holding the sign. The “operator” should engage with passing traffic by waving their hands or the sign itself.
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